Pragmatic legal guidance for dispute resolution

Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation.

Innovative dispute resolution

Complex working relationships mean that disagreements are inevitable. Every business or organisation faces potential conflicts of varying size, scope, and complexity, which can result in significant expense. That means it all comes down to how the dispute is resolved, or prevented in the first place.

Avoiding disputes is as, if not more, important as resolving them. Dispute resolution factors in many issues, most importantly – time and cost, which is why avoiding conflict of any kind is the best place to start. We work with clients to avoid disputes, building strategies to prevent conflict, but also assist with all aspects of efficient dispute resolution, including arbitration, litigation and mediation.

We resolve disputes as efficiently as possible, offering advice that is strategic, forward-thinking and solution-based. We explore alternative methods of dispute resolution and advise on the best way forward. We’re the firm you want in your corner to get you the outcome you desire!

Our areas of specialty

We advise on complex, corporate, contractual and regulatory disputes, including:


We assist clients across a wide range of industries with innovative and privileged tax dispute solutions, dealing with SARS from start to finish.


We offer specialised advice and services for all employment disputes, attending all private & statutory forums.


We resolve all contractual disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring things run smoothly during negotiations.

Insolvency & liquidations

We advise companies, insolvency administrators, and creditors at all levels of the capital structure as a preventative measure for disputes.

We Do Law Differently

Unlike most other firms, our mission is to get results, and we do that by understanding your personal needs and offering tailored advice specific to your situation.

Being a smaller firm gives us the ability establish personal relationships with all of our clients and not only a formal attorney-client relationship. Thus, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, ensuring that our clients are always brought up to date with the status of matters as and when new developments arise.

Understanding your needs, offering practical solutions

Reach us at short notice to institute or defend any legal proceedings and complex litigation matters. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll set up a 30-minute consultation to assist you.