Wills & estate planning

Creating a legacy for your loved ones through strategic estate planning.

Planning out your legacy

Creating a legacy through strategic planning during your lifetime and after can often be a complex task. Close attention to detail and meticulous preparation is required to ensure your interests are protected, which is why you need the guiding hand of reliable, experienced estate planners.

We have a wealth of experience in designing and structuring wills and estates that meet the needs of our clients so that when the time comes nothing is left to chance. When we begin planning, we take into consideration each of our client’s unique financial, family and health needs into consideration to ensure those interests are protected with an airtight plan.

We are firm believers that quality guidance can be both comprehensive and accessible, offering our clients affordable fees for a personalised service.


Where we can assist

Assisting you with all aspects of the estate planning, we provide a focused, dedicated, no-nonsense approach.


We assist with drafting and updating your will, ensuring all your assets are accounted for and divided fairly in case of your passing.


We specialise in setting up trusts and other juristic vehicles (such as companies) to better manage your income-generating activities.

Tax & estate planning

We investigate the implications that your estate plan may have on your taxable liability during life and death.

Guardianship & conservatorships

We make provision for the welfare of your minor children or elderly dependents in case of your passing. 

Business continuity

We assist you in setting up or revising your business continuity or succession plan.

Trust administration

We implement the administration of your trust or deceased estate to ease the process on your loved ones.

We Do Law Differently

Unlike most other firms, our mission is to get results, and we do that by understanding your personal needs and offering tailored advice specific to your situation.

Being a smaller firm gives us the ability establish personal relationships with all of our clients and not only a formal attorney-client relationship. Thus, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, ensuring that our clients are always brought up to date with the status of matters as and when new developments arise.

Allow us to assist you to protect your interests. 

Our objective is to always achieve the best outcome for your family. Reach us at short notice to assist you with planning your estate so that nothing is left to chance. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll set up a 30-minute, no obligation, consultation to see how we can assist you going forward.