Successful liquidations

We represent both creditors and debtors in insolvency, strategic restructuring and business rescue. 

It’s time to act

As Honorable Appellate Judge Zullman once said, if a company is not successful, you have the obligation to “take it to the grave”.

If you can foresee that your company will not be able to meet its obligations to its creditors in the next 6 months, you have an obligation to liquidate the company. But, all is not lost! Utilising the liquidation or sequestration process as an effective tool in debt and asset recovery, and is often more cost-effective than instituting legal action against defaulting debtors.

If you have tried to negotiate payments to creditors, sold shares, downsized the company, sold off personal and business assets, and defaulted on taxes, it’s time to take action, fast! That’s where we can help.

Where it counts

From the outset, we work closely with our clients in order to determine the best strategy for moving forward.

Business rescue

If your business is salvageable, we can assist you with applying for Business Rescue under the Companies Act.

Tax relief

When your company is salvageable but the taxes owing to SARS are unmanageable, we can assist you with an application for a temporary or permanent write-off of tax liability.


We assist you with when applying against Section 311 of the Companies Act – providing you with the ability to reach a binding agreement between the shareholders and creditors of your company.


If your company won’t meet its obligation to creditors in the next 6 months, we can assist you with a clean cut liquidation.

We Do Law Differently

Unlike most other firms, our mission is to get results, and we do that by understanding your personal needs and offering tailored advice specific to your situation.

Being a smaller firm gives us the ability establish personal relationships with all of our clients and not only a formal attorney-client relationship. Thus, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, ensuring that our clients are always brought up to date with the status of matters as and when new developments arise.

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