Trade marks

We have recently branched into assisting clients in safeguarding their intellectual property rights. We offer relevant and innovative IP services in an ever-changing and developing landscape that requires specialist knowledge to succeed.

We consult with an advocate who is a fellow member of SAIIPL (South African Intellectual Property Law) and he assists us, and clients, with IP needs.

We operate with integrity in partnering clients on their journey to success.

We are able to fulfil our clients’ needs whilst continually growing our personalised IP offering.

A business’s Trade Mark is often among its most valuable assets.

We offer a holistic approach to brand management and enforcement as a result of which we ensure that our clients’ Trade Mark is not viewed and considered in isolation but that all forms of intellectual property protection and enforcement mechanisms is considered and, where appropriate, implemented.


We are also able to assist with Copyright works and advise what is required to be successful in assisting clients.

Copyright law protects various types of works including:

  • Literary works
  • Artistic works
  • Musical works
  • Dramatic works
  • Computer works
  • Cinematograph works
  • Sound recordings
  • Published editions
  • Broadcast; and
  • Programme-carrying signals

There is no provision for copyright registration in South African law, except in the case of cinematograph films. As such, copyright comes into subsistence automatically, provided that certain requirements are met, namely:


  • the work must be original;
  • it must exist in material form; and
  • the author must be a ‘qualified person’.

Ownership of copyright generally vests with the author of the work, although the Copyright Act of South Africa (Act 98 of 1978) does provide for certain exceptions.

We offer a skillset of knowledge and our consultant has expertise, and our commitment to our clients means that we can help them grow and develop the infrastructure that they have built.

We Do Law Differently

Unlike most other firms, our mission is to get results, and we do that by understanding your personal needs and offering tailored advice specific to your situation.

Being a smaller firm gives us the ability establish personal relationships with all of our clients and not only a formal attorney-client relationship. Thus, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, ensuring that our clients are always brought up to date with the status of matters as and when new developments arise.

Understanding your needs, offering practical solutions

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